OMRON Healthcare Supports #StrokePreventionDay 14 Jan 2022

Campaign asks public to make One Small Change to improve their risk of stroke
Nine out of ten stroke survivors would warn their younger self to change their lifestyle finds new Stroke Association data
London, UK. 14 Janruay, 2022 - OMRON Healthcare (OMRON), a global leader in health monitoring and therapy, is again supporting the UK Stroke Association’s annual Stroke Prevention Day on January 14th, urging the public to make one small change to their lifestyle to reduce their own risk of stroke. This is the second year that OMRON has supported the day.

Strokes are the fourth biggest cause of death in the UK and one of the leading causes of disability. To help raise awareness of ways to reduce the risk of strokes, the Stroke Association has carried out UK-wide research. It found that more than 80% of people surveyed hadn’t realised they were at risk of a stroke, but that almost 90% of people had since made lifestyle changes. While just under half said that they had focused these changes on reducing stress, there are a number of other, simple changes that can be made. The Stroke Association has created a list of recommended activities and habits that would help people reduce the risk of strokes. These include suggestions such as quitting smoking, eating more fruit and vegetables, and taking more exercise.

Juliet Bouverie, Chief Executive at the Stroke Association, said: “A stroke happens in the brain, the control centre for who we are and what we can do. It can happen at any time and at any age and can be devastating. We know not all strokes are avoidable, but as many as nine out of ten strokes could be prevented as they are linked to things you can change or manage. Many people simply don’t realise they are at risk and that’s something that we as a charity desperately want to put right.”

One of the Stroke Association’s top recommendations is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Using one of OMRON Healthcare’s range of home blood pressure monitors, such as CompleteTM, everyone can monitor their blood pressure easily and conveniently from the comfort of their living room. The data from these checks can be easily stored, accessed and shared with your doctor to provide them with the information they need to keep you fit and healthy as you actively participate in your own healthcare. Monitoring this data regularly can not only allow users to keep track of their risk of their overall health, but allows them and their doctors to be alerted of any risks—potentially preventing issues before they occur.

“At OMRON Healthcare we want to make understanding your own health as simple and straightforward as possible,” said Charlie Fox, General Manager UK of OMRON Healthcare. “The public wants and needs to be more in control of its health, which is why we create products and services that are suitable for use at home as part of our Going for Zero strokes pledge. By equipping people with the tools they need, we can make having an empowered and informed lifestyle the new normal.”

Anyone looking to build these habits can work with their healthcare professional or visit to find the best way for them to monitor not only their blood pressure, but also view a full range of apps and devices to help them lead a healthier life.

More information about stroke prevention day can be found at:
Other key supporters of the campaign include LoSalt

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About the Stroke Association

  • The Stroke Association is a charity working across the UK to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. We believe that everyone deserves to live the best life they can after stroke. From local support services and groups, to online information and support, anyone affected by stroke can visit or call our dedicated Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100 to find out about support available locally.
  • Our specialist support, research and campaigning are only possible with the courage and determination of the stroke community and the generosity of our supporters. With more donations and support, we can help rebuild even more lives.
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