OMRON Healthcare presents Nami Cat, a nebuliser designed to appeal to young children

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. OMRON Healthcare Europe -a global leader in medical equipment for home health monitoring and therapy- presents Nami Cat, a joyful nebuliser designed to appeal to young children while delivering high-quality treatment. This child-friendly design resembles a cat, and so it helps children to enjoy a more comfortable nebulising experience and enables the adoption of nebulising treatment from an early age.

“As part of our Zero Asthma Attack strategy, we knew that young children might find traditional nebulisers somewhat scary, leading them to refuse treatment right when they need it the most. With this in mind, we put our effort into finding a solution that allowed parents to provide a more seamless nebulising experience for their little ones, and make a habit of nebulising from a very early age. Nami Cat provides a relaxing experience and ensures OMRON Healthcare’s respiratory solutions high quality”, said Lucia Prada, Marketing Director of OMRON Healthcare Europe.

OMRON Healthcare has a proven track record in developing innovations to provide more efficient respiratory treatment for children, who are among the primary nebuliser users in the household. Products like C102 Total and DuoBaby are equipped with special features to keep a child’s nose clean and combat runny or blocked noses the whole year round, and the MicroAir U100’s groundbreaking mesh technology allows the little ones to get nebulising treatment in any position. Nami Cat is the latest stop in this ongoing innovation journey, helping children accept treatment by bringing the playful aspect to nebulisation to the forefront.

Nami Cat offers efficient nebulising to effectively treat a wide range of respiratory conditions that vary from a simple cough to bronchitis and asthma, at a nebulization rate of 0.35 ml/min. The cat design was decided based on a test conducted by OMRON Healthcare Europe. Its results showed that the cat concept was the most appealing to children.

About OMRON Healthcare Europe

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