Detect wheeze quickly and accurately with WheezeScan

As parents, we always want the best for our little ones. When they’re having difficulty breathing, you want to be sure and act fast. WheezeScan can help parents remove doubt in moments of breathing distress.

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Remove doubt in moments of breathing distress

Parenthood is full of joy and we always want the best for our little ones. However children cannot always tell you what they’re thinking or feeling. That’s why when breathing trouble occurs, it can be hard to know what’s happening in the moment. The last thing you want is to feel doubt and uncertainty when your child is having difficulty breathing. You want to be sure and act fast. WheezeScan helps you to get an answer in seconds. It quickly identifies ‘wheeze’ or ‘no wheeze’ in the moment of breathing distress. WheezeScan helps you relieve anxiety and stress and will help you boost your confidence to make the right decisions.

Easy to use and accurate

In seconds, WheezeScan clearly and accurately detects wheeze. Using it is easy: simply turn it on and hold it below your child’s right collarbone. Thanks to the innovative listening technology WheezeScan tells you if wheeze is present. It identifies wheeze with 95% sensitivity and 90% specificity for results you can trust. Having certainty in the early detection of wheeze means you can apply your doctor’s treatment plan quickly at home. WheezeScan is not only easy to use and accurate, it’s also easy to carry and portable for on-the-go wheeze detection. So wherever you are, you can check if your child suffers from wheeze. With the AsthmaDiary app you can keep track of how the wheezing develops. A reliable reference for your child's next doctor's appointment.

Another parent’s experience with WheezeScan

As seen on Netmums

Claire is mum to Lola, three, who has suspected asthma. She uses WheezeScan to detect if Lola is wheezing.

“I think as a parent, all you ever want to do is the right thing for your children, and the best for your children.”


“Lola started having asthmatic symptoms when she was very young. She was really quite a tiny baby when she first had problems.”

I had no experience of asthma in my family, so we really had no idea what to do. So, we spoke to the doctor who advised us to keep monitoring her symptoms and keep in touch with them, but the chances are she'll be diagnosed with asthma when she's a little bit older.”

Daily life with asthma

“If you have a child who suffers from wheezing symptoms or asthmatic symptoms, it can be a constant worry especially during the winter months.”

“Having the WheezeScan is a brilliant tool to be able to use to detect your child’s symptoms early and give you complete peach of mind you do completely the right thing for her.”

Preparing for an asthma attack

“It's really worrying and really scary when Lola was suffering from asthmatic symptoms and wheezing symptoms. Especially when you're not quite sure of what the right thing to do is, whether we need to give her medication or not, or whether we need to seek help from the doctor.”

Detecting asthma attack

“WheezeScan is so easy to use, and it detects the wheeze in just 30 seconds. So, you know really quickly whether or not you need to follow your doctor's treatment plan and give your child the med- the correct medication.”

“If you have a child who suffers from wheezing symptoms or asthmatic symptoms, having something like the WheezeScan that allows you to detect it early and know that you’re doing the right thing is invaluable.”

Experience with WheezeScan

“Using the WheezeScan was really easy and simple. It detected her wheeze in just 30 seconds which meant we were able to give her the right treatment medication according to her doctor's plan straight away and early on before her problems got any worse.”

“The WheezeScan gives me confidence and makes me feel much more comfortable in knowing when to give Lola the right medication and follow her doctor’s treatment plan.”

Read what Doctors think about Wheezescan

“Wheezing is the most common symptom of asthma in children under the age of 5 1. If parents manage to identify a wheeze in time, they can prevent an asthma attack by following their doctor’s treatment plan. Despite this, a lot of parents struggle to identify a wheeze, because it doesn’t always sound the same 2”.


Prof. Dr. Bülent Karadag
Pediatric Pulmonology at Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

“Research shows that parents and clinicians agree on the presence of wheezing only in 45% of the cases 3, which reveals the urgent need for a more objective identification of wheeze. From this perspective, we receive the development of the WheezeScan with enthusiasm, which accurately detects wheeze or no wheeze in the critical moment, so that parents can make the right treatment decision”.

Prof. Dr. Wim van Aalderen
Pediatric Respiratory Medicine in the Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Wheeze is one of the key symptoms of an Asthma attack in its early stages and one of the most common symptoms in children 5 years and younger, which is why appropriate identification and response to wheezing symptoms is essential to proper Asthma management”.


Assoc. Prof. Kostas Priftis
Paediatrics-Paediatric Pulmonology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece

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