Detect wheeze quickly and accurately with WheezeScan

As parents, we always want the best for our little ones. When they’re having difficulty breathing, you want to be sure and act fast. WheezeScan can help parents remove doubt in moments of breathing distress.

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Remove doubt in moments of breathing distress

Parenthood is full of joy and we always want the best for our little ones. However children cannot always tell you what they’re thinking or feeling. That’s why when breathing trouble occurs, it can be hard to know what’s happening in the moment. The last thing you want is to feel doubt and uncertainty when your child is having difficulty breathing. You want to be sure and act fast. WheezeScan helps you to get an answer in seconds. It quickly identifies ‘wheeze’ or ‘no wheeze’ in the moment of breathing distress. WheezeScan helps you relieve anxiety and stress and will help you boost your confidence to make the right decisions.

Easy to use and accurate

In seconds, WheezeScan clearly and accurately detects wheeze. Using it is easy: simply turn it on and hold it below your child’s right collarbone. Thanks to the innovative listening technology WheezeScan tells you if wheeze is present. It identifies wheeze with 95% sensitivity and 90% specificity for results you can trust. Having certainty in the early detection of wheeze means you can apply your doctor’s treatment plan quickly at home. WheezeScan is not only easy to use and accurate, it’s also easy to carry and portable for on-the-go wheeze detection. So wherever you are, you can check if your child suffers from wheeze. With the AsthmaDiary app you can keep track of how the wheezing develops. A reliable reference for your child's next doctor's appointment.

Another parent’s experience with WheezeScan

As seen on Echte Mamas

“I am Marina, Emil's mom. He is two and a half years old, and two months ago he was diagnosed with asthmatic symptoms.”

“It is very difficult to recognise an asthma attack because it actually starts with a cough and the wheezing is only recognized very late.”


“Emil was diagnosed with early childhood allergic asthma in June 2020. It started with bronchitis in September 2019, followed by six more and a pneumonia until the diagnosis was made.”

“At the moment I heard Emil's diagnosis, I was very scared and troubled with a lot of doubt, as I did not know how to deal with this disease.”

Daily life with asthma

“His asthma already has a great impact on our everyday life, because it is allergic and we have to be careful not to go into the forest too much. We have to be very careful that he doesn't run around too much, which is quite difficult with a little whirlwind. But since we are also well prepared on the way with the emergency spray and the WheezeScan, we can now start the day very calmly.”

Preparing for an asthma attack

“At first, I did not know what to do when he had a coughing attack, because the diagnosis had not been made yet. But I already suspected that something was wrong. After the diagnosis was made, I knew what to do with his emergency spray. I also had to take him out of the situation so that he could calm down a bit.”

Detecting asthma attack

“It is very difficult to recognise an asthma attack because it actually starts with a cough and the wheezing is only recognized very late. However, as I don't want to give the emergency spray too early, but I also don't want the wheezing to provoke an asthma attack either.

“The WheezeScan helps me to detect Emil's wheezing early so that I don't have to use an emergency spray too early.”

Experience with WheezeScan

“The WheezeScan is a little difficult to use with small children, but the speed makes it work very well. It is easy to hold, very good for traveling and I can leave it in the kindergarten so they can use it quickly.”

“I would recommend WheezeScan to other parents, because the device makes it easy to detect an asthma attack much faster and you can act much faster.”