Discover HeartGuide: The Premiere, Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

Over the course of a normal day, your blood pressure fluctuates. Monitor these fluctuations with the clinically validated HeartGuide. In tandem with its companion app HeartAdvisor, HeartGuide delivers powerful new technology making tracking and managing your blood pressure easier than ever before.

Be informed. Be proactive. Be healthier.

The HeartAdvisor app was designed to help you understand how your lifestyle impacts your heart. Save meaningful data which you can share with your doctor. Save, review and store your fluctuations as detailed, usable data, and develop a more thorough understanding of how your lifestyle directly impacts your heart.

HeartGuide makes it easy to monitor your blood pressure

Check out this instructional video to discover how to use HeartGuide and get accurate measurements. Be informed. Be proactive. Be healthier.

Here is what Jamie had to say about Omron’s HeartGuide…

WATCH out, new watch model about… Whilst it’s clear I’m not really on top of my watch modelling (how do you model a watch?), I am thankfully on top of my blood pressure. This HeartGuide blood pressure monitor from @omron_healthcare_eu is more than just a standard watch. Like a lot of modern devices it tracks steps and sleep and much more, but with the click of a button it can take my blood pressure and transfer all my data to an app where I can track my progress and keep on top of my heart’s health.