What is a digital scale and a body composition monitor?

Updated: August 2019

Bathroom scales can be a vital tool in helping to combat overweight and obesity as well as other related conditions. These days, many scales provide highly accurate measurements of not only your body weight, but also your body mass index, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass and other parameters.

Most body composition monitors use bio-electrical impedance analysis and send undetectable low-current electricity through your body. Water and muscles have a lower electrical resistance to this current than bone or fat. The scales can measure this electrical resistance and use an algorithm to estimate your body fat and other parameters.

OMRON offers scales and clinically validated body composition monitors that measure all the above-mentioned parameters which can help you analyse your physical and cardiovascular fitness. Some of them can be used with the OMRON connect smartphone app to set goals and track your body weight and composition over longer periods.